To Our District 7 Homeowners:

There are two areas recently making news and we would like to address and provide clarification in lieu of some misinformation being generated. There are insurance companies that have been doing risk assessments since the Taylor Bridge Fire in 2012. With an increase in large fires, not only locally, but within the state Wildland Urban Interface areas including Lower and Upper Kittitas County. Some insurance companies have determined the exposure risk to wildfire exceeds the risk factors established by the insurance company, and they have elected to notify some of their customers they will not be renewing their policy. The contacts we have spoken with have indicated these assessments are on a case by case evaluation and not a blanket cancellation to all customers. These cancellations are separate from the fire department assessments conducted by Washington State Survey and Rating Bureau of Fire Protection Classifications discussed below.
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Burn Ban

LIFTED 12-15-17

"Vision Statement"
OUR future vision is to develop consolidated emergency services with our neighboring jurisdictions and develop emergency management zones around each station. Ideally, firefighters will respond to emergencies in zones where they live and/or work. Our goal is to improve firefighter training and operational interoperability while maintaining a minimum of 60 active volunteers in the district.

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Kittitas County Fire & Rescue 7

​​"Our Mission" 

To Provide the Highest Quality Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services to our Community in a Caring and Professional manner.

"Values Statement"

We value our close ties to the community and believe the best way to provide emergency services is based on the philosophy of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors," and primarily staffed by local volunteers. As we carry out our mission, we are committed to being volunteer based,
innovative, competent, caring, and prudent with public funds. 


"Saving lives, protecting property, and helping our community"



The Board of Commissioners of Fire District #7 unanimously to approve the acceptance of a $1.4 million federal SAFER Grant to hire 9 full time firefighters.This grant money transitions over a three year period and the district will be responsible for full funding in the fourth year. Below is Chief Wiseman formally requesting the Board to accept the grant. Two public information sessions were held with presentations, discussions, and public feedback. The Board received overwhelming public support to hire the first full time firefighters in Upper Kittitas County.

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 It's time to GEAR UP! We are looking for 10 volunteers to join our team!
More information to follow but you can contact us anytime to get your application! Would you like to make a difference in Upper Kittitas County?  Being a volunteer member is a great way to contribute! As our county grows, so does our call volume and our need for more volunteers – Volunteers Just Like YOU!  


Good news for residents in the Station 73 (Golf Course Road/Elk Meadows area)...

We have six volunteers at Station 73 plus the paid staffing 24/7. WSRBis reassigning the rating and it will be in place by June 1st. After the 1st residents in the Station response area should contact there insurance company.

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We're your neighbors; we are working and retired people from all walks of life. We are Volunteers, who like you, care about our community and give a little of ourselves to help our neighbors.





On behalf of Kittitas County Fire & Rescue #7 and our Board of Fire Commissioners, we would like to welcome you to our website! We are members of a growing community in Upper Kittitas County where fire departments readily support one another through automatic or mutual aid agreements.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking for some change in your life? Are you searching for an adventure? The greatest thing in the world is the heart of a volunteer. If you are interested in joining the Kittitas County Fire & Rescue #7 Volunteer Fire Department, please give us a call at: (509) 674-5371