Winter Rescue EMS Program

In spring of 2009another annexation took place that brought into the fire district the Roaring Creek community and approximately 8 additional square miles of area for a total district size of approximately 20 square miles.  Also in 2009, the District has put into service several pieces of new equipment that were funded by a voter approved bond issue passed in the fall of 2007.  With the addition of these new pieces of equipment, the District has greatly improved the quality and reliability of our equipment and is able to provide a much better level of service to the public while helping to ensure the safety of our members.  Currently we have 23 volunteer firefighters, and of those 11 are EMT's and 2 are Paramedics.

Currently the Districts three stations are equipped with the following equipment: 

Originally the entire district was composed of the Kachess Village Community and the district was approximately ½ square mile in size. The district had one fire truck that shared a storage garage with the community snowplow. At this time the district provided no emergency medical services and responded strictly within the district boundaries to fire calls.The district would only have one or two calls every couple of years and members were notified of a call by a siren being manually activated at the station. 

​ In 1999 a new 3 bay fire station was built within the Kachess Community Association and at the same time a 2 bay fire station was built in Kittitas County Fire District 9 near the intersection of Kachess Lake Road and Via Kachess Road.
In June of 2000, Districts 8 and 9 merged and the new district boundaries were approximately 1 ½ square miles in size and was limited to the Kachess Ridge and the Kachess Village Developments. 

Kittitas County Fire District #8 was formed in 1980

Three Bay Fire Station

Kittitas County Fire & Rescue District #8 (Kachess) 

During the winter of 2005/2006 the District began a winter rescue/EMS program to help provide emergency medical services to winter recreationalists that become injured in remote areas. This program is operated as a partnership with the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office and their Search and Rescue operations. The District has 5 snowmobiles and 2 winter rescue toboggans that are used to access and transport patients from remote areas during winter months. The District is primarily composed of weekend and vacation homes.

In 2005 the District officially annexed in the areas that it had previously been providing fire and EMS services to. At that time the district was approximately 12 square miles in size and provides fire and EMS services to the Lake Kachess, Stampede Pass, Crystal Springs and Cabin Creek U-Fish areas along with I-90 from MP 54.5 to MP 66.5. During this same time period, a third station was built at the intersection of Lost Lake and Stampede Pass Roads.

Contact Information: 
Chief: David Houseberg
PO Box 618 Easton, WA 98925 
(509) 607-3577 Phone 

In 1997 the district became a licensed EMS agency with one EMT and a four-wheel drive brush truck that was used as the first response aid vehicle. Also in 1997 the district expanded its EMS response areas to include the general lake Kachess area and I-90 from MP 54.5 to MP 63.