Fire District Volunteers

Our Peoh Point Station #1 is located on upper Peoh point road, Teanaway Station #2 is located off SR 970 @ airport road, Station 3 (Golf course) is located off I-90 at the golf course exit #78, Ballard Station #4, our first station, is located on Ballard Hill Road. The Middle Fork Station #5 is located in the Teanaway Valley off of Middle Fork Road.

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Fire Stations

"The Fire District Mission"

To protect the community by wisely investing in Training and Education, therefore retaining our most valuable asset, the Volunteers who carry out our mission."

"Our Commisioners" 

The governing bodies are the three elected Fire Commissioners. Their primary responsibility is to manage the budget and to prepare for future growth. They look at the needs of the community and decide the level of service to be provided based on the tax dollars available. The commissioners meet at Station 72, (5511 Airport Rd.) on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:00 pm, and schedule special meetings, as necessary, to meet the needs of the community.

Began Operation in 1980

The District is still manned by volunteers from the community. These men and women dedicate their time answering fire and emergencies day and night. They meet Tuesday nights from 6-8pm to train. The training varies as we answer calls for structure fires, wild land fires, emergency medical alarms, as well as water rescues.

Our fire district began operation in 1980. Twenty five years later Fire District #7 has grown to (8) stations; each station has a fire engine, a wild-land brush truck, water tender, and a licensed Aid response unit.

About Fire & Rescue 7

FD7 covers 80,640 acres/126 square miles
Serves an approximate population of 4,551