Emergency Medical Services exists to fulfill the basic principles of first aid, which are to Preserve Life, Prevent Further Injury, and Promote Recovery.

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Kittitas County EMS Division 

 A non-profit Corporation governed by the Kittitas County EMS & Trauma Care Council.

The Kittitas County EMS Division serves in the development and management of the Emergency Medical Services System (EMS) of Kittitas County by supporting the Medical Program Director, the Emergency Medical Services and Trauma Care Council, the twelve licensed EMS agencies, and the approximately 160 prehospital EMS providers.

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Our fire district is an all volunteer department that relies on dedicated members to meet the challenges of providing emergency services to the community. The initial handful of EMT's that provided emergency medical care has now expanded to nearly 30 affiliated members, including two paramedics.

 Our EMS providers work under the license and indirect supervision of a medical director or board-certified physician who oversees the policies and protocols of a particular EMS system.

Please remember to tip your hat to your hard-working neighbors that provide this service to our community

 The Emergency Medical Service system (known by the acronym "EMS") is responsible for providing pre-hospital (or out-of-hospital) care by paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT's), and medical first responders (MFRs in US terminology).

The goal of EMS is to provide early treatment to those in need of urgent medical care, and ultimately rapid transportation to an Emergency department.

Stabilizing patients early (within the golden hour) significantly increases their chances of survival, particularly in the event of a heart attack, diabetic emergency, or severe physical trauma.

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FD7 Emergency Medical Services